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Popular Playthings – Crossroads


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Welcome to Crossroads, the road building puzzle for smart drivers young and old!

The Goal:
- Build each road layout challenge so the front and rear halves of each vehicle are colour-matched; yellow-to-yellow (sedan), red-to-red (coupe), blue-to-blue (SUV), and green-to green (pickup).

- The Challenge booklet illustrates 30 different road layouts you must build, using selections from the 24 puzzle pieces.
- For each challenge (except number 30) 1 or 2 puzzle pieces are located to help you get started.

- If your brain hits a roadblock, don't call the Highway Patrol. The solution to each challenge is provided.

So what are you waiting for? Start building!

- 24 Puzzle Pieces
- Challenge Booklet with Instructions & Solutions

Age: 8 Years +
Item size: 21.5 x 21.5 x 5 cm

Popular Playthings ensures toy safety and quality is of top priority. All toys made are compliant with with the EN71.

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