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Greenbean Mathematics – Pattern Block Demonstration Clings: 47 Pieces


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Demonstration Clings stick to almost any smooth flat surface and are ideal for ideal for the modern classroom. Made from an innovative, high-quality material, these brightly coloured whiteboard maths resources can be used over and over again to teach shape recognition, composition, symmetry and more.

Durable, reusable and washable, they can be rinsed and used over and over again: to clean the clings, rinse them with warm water.

- 47 Pieces: 4 yellow hexagons (approx. 13cm x 15cm); 6 orange squares (approx.7.5cm); 8 red trapezoids (approx. 15cm L x 6cm H); 8 tan rhombuses (approx. 12.5cm x 7.5cm); 8 blue parallelograms (approx. 15cm x 4cm); and 12 green triangles (approx. 7.5cm x 6cm)

Age: 4 Years +
Item size: 27.9 x 27.9 x 5.1 cm

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Weight 0.726 kg
Dimensions 27.9 × 27.9 × 5.1 cm


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