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Greenbean Mathematics – Magnetic Percent Bar Answer Boards: Set of 4


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These Answer Boards help students visualise the abstract concept of percentages in a tangible way. Students use the colour-coded segments ranging from 5 to 50% to construct a percentage on the bar and use the write-on/wipe-off area on the paddle boards to work out problems involving part unknown, percentage unknown and whole unknown.

Colour segments can be put together to represent any percentage as a whole. Use a dry-erase marker (not included) on the write-on/wipe-off background to show your work.

- 4 Double-sided answer boards
- 4 Magentic foam strip sets (Including 2 x 50% strips, 4 x 25% strips, 5 x 20% strips, 10 x 10% strips, 10 x 5% strips)
- Getting started guide with four activities

Age: 10 Years +
Item size: 35.6 x 27.4 x 9.9 cm

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Weight 1.134 kg
Dimensions 35.6 × 27.4 × 9.9 cm


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